100% Natural, Organic,
RealFood from the Ocean

After more than 10 years of development, Aquaceuticals Ltd is preparing to launch in the human health and nutrition industry with three unique, natural marine based seaweed ingredient formulas that will offer a 100% natural organic seaweed based alternatives to the synthetic and chemical based vitamins & minerals that dominate the industry today.

With a belief that we can provide the link to “food as medicine” Aquaceuticals Ltd has developed three specific formulas, that uniquely address industry needs in providing the first range of ingredients that are all 100% natural, sustainable and organic certified which provide a UNIQUE range of bio active ingredients never before available from a marine resource.


Aquaceuticals Ltd has spent more than 10 years developing and perfecting specific seaweed blends that focus on immune support and gut health.


Immune Burst™, Gastro Care™ and Pure Elements™ are a multi species blend of seaweeds and seaweed extracts for the ingredient

industry that will provide a unique and important alternative for the global ingredient industry.


The global organic and natural health industry is the fastest growing sector in the food industry amounting to $43 Billion in sales in 2015 and the sector is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020.


Health Food/Nutrition Industry

  • The global consumer health food industry is estimated at more than $200 billion dollars and growing at an average rate of more than 7% per year. It is highly fragmented with the underlying market sectors focused on energy supplements, vitamins and dietay Products. Protein-based formulas are among the leading products in these sectors. 

  • The North-American market represents more than 60% of the global industry.

  •  "Sports Foods" drinks, supplements. energy and nutrition products) amount to $60 billion annually and represent the fastest growing industry sector at currently more than 12.7% annually.

  • However... more than 90% of all the ingredients used across the industry are synthetically chemicals.

  • To be designated "NATURAL" a vitamin has to include only 10% of the actual natural plant ingredients... the other 90% could be synthetically formulated.


Seaweed Harvesting & Cultivation around the World

  • With more than 25 years experience in seaweed science, harvesting and cultivation around the world and with more than 12,000 species of seaweeds currently documented in the oceans of the world, Aquaceuticals Ltd has spent more than 10 years isolating 15 species that we carefully and sustainably harvest around the world or grow in our own facilities to benefit human health.

  • All of the seaweeds used in our formulations meet or exceed all EU/US international production standards, GMP/USDA NOP ORGANIC and have full traceability.

  • Each seaweed is washed by hand and dried to extremely high standard using careful methods and no fossil fuels. Our extraction process contains no chemicals or solvents and are certified organic.

  • Our proprietary formulas each have multiple types of fine powder seaweeds or seaweed extracts carefully selected to provide maximum value and benefit of all the intact bio-actives only found in these specific seaweeds. All Aquaceuticals Ltd formulations are of high purity, providing consistent unrivalled quality and efficacy.

  • Aquaceuticals Ltd intends to work with clients to adjust our proprietary science to provide specific customized ingredient formulations where required.

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