ImmuneBurstTM is a100% natural 
organic seaweed extract consisting of a blend of specific seaweeds
that retain all of their bio-active ingredients.


It is a polysaccharides-rich extract including, fucoidan and mannitol. Absolutely no chemicals what so ever are used in the extraction process.

Immune BurstTM focuses on providing significant stimulation to the immune system and promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria, provides gut integrity and improved energy. Immune BurstTM requires low level inclusion and is delivered as a water-soluble powder. Possible applications include functional foods, where water-solubleproperties are required, health products, including all RTD sports products that address immune support, energy and recovery. Mild natural flavor.

Pure ElementsTM: A multi-species mix of of macro algae presented in a 100 micron powder. At low inclusion levels, Pure ElementsTM will provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants exclusively from seaweed, replacing synthetic materials. Pure ElementsTM retains all natural bio-actives and high antioxidant levels resulting in an ORAC score of 1100 TE/G. Pure ElementsTM is a unique and 100% powder ingredient rich in B12, B6, B3 and Iodine.

Target applications are widespread as a food ingredient, delivered as a 100 micron powder. It acts as a natural, seaweed-based alternative to conventional chemical and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Possible applications: capsules, supplement, powders, protein blends, health & sports bar ingredients. Our proprietary formulations are classified as functional foods. They are 100% natural, sustainable and organically certified. We have full traceability on all seaweeds used and our clinical trials allow for clean label claims.

GastrocareTM is a proprietary mix of algae harvested from the Northwest Atlantic shores of Europe in a 200 micron powder. GastrocareTM will provide calcium, magnesium, and fucoidan alginates. These minerals provide a stomach buffer while the polysaccharides help coating of the gastrointestinal tract ensuring anti-inflammatory action. GastrocareTM will help prevent acid reflux, IBS, and gastric ulcer disease. 

GastrocareTM is within the health neutron

GastrocareTM can be used in a wide variety of health nutrition beverages, bars, and gels.

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