After more than 10 years of development and analysing the ingredients used in human health products, Aquaceuticals Ltd is now bringing to market three unique and proprietary seaweed based formulations that have specific value to the global human health market.



Aquaceuticals Ltd is a wholly organic and sustainable ingredient supplier focusing on immune support and gut health. Aquaceuticals Ltd provides organic human nutrition through the sustainable cultivation and harvesting of warm and cold water seaweeds. Aquaceuticals Ltd will bring the benefits of the ocean to the human body. Aquaceuticals Ltd as a formulator and supplier brings three unique ingredient formulations to the health food industry, each have different applications and modes of action, they are:


Immune Burst™, Gastrocare™, and Pure Elements™.


Aquaceuticals Ltd are first to market and the only supplier of 100% natural, organic and sustainable multi species seaweed-based ingredient formulas and extracts that have proven to provide significant value to immune support and general health.


The goal of Aquaceuticals Ltd is to be the global leader in seaweed derived human nutrition ingredients that provide the human health and sports nutrition industry with clean, natural, seaweed based alternatives to current synthetic and chemical based ingredients.


The Aquaceuticals Ltd management, scientific and leadership team has more than 50 years combined industry and scientific experience in Europe and the USA. The founders and leadership team at Aquaceuticals Ltd is comprised of some of the most experienced and successful food, science and health industry veterans providing an unequaled level of knowledge in seaweed science and nutrition and have been at the front of new innovation.

Margaret Peet

Chief Executive Officer.

Aquaceuticals Vision continued

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