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Margaret Peet


Dr. Stefan Kraan

Margaret Peet has had an unrivalled career within the specialist Natural Products and Sports Nutrition industry. Opening her first Health Food Store in1983, she went on to build a chain of 60 stores across the UK selling the business to GNC Inc. in 1995. She moved to the corporate GNC HQ in Pittsburgh where she was CMO/SVP of brands with $3bn in sales.

Upon returning to the U.K. Margaret established her consultancy - Healthy Inspirations Ltd - working with select clients on their international growth and identifying potential acquisitions. A selection of these companies include: 


Natrol Inc - worked in conjunction with the board and CEO on their strategic acquisitions programme to deliver growth and enable the company sale.

Cytosport - was responsible for the European launch of the Muscle Milk brand, taking sales from zero to $10m within 3 years. 


Garden of Life  – number 1 US brand in vegan protein and probiotics.  Helped with the U.K launch, PR, establishing distributor appointment and brand compliance.

Aquaceuticals Ltd.– Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of a food and human health supplements & sports nutrition company based on bioactive ingredients from macro algae.

Non-Executive Director to a number of start up brands.


Margaret has been instrumental in the launch of many iconic US brands into Europe along with number of industry acquisitions.  Margaret brings a level of knowledge and experience in the health food industry to Aquaceuticals Ireland™.


Margaret is a keen marathon swimmer and loves the sea, whatever the temperature!

Dr. Stefan Kraan is one of the most experienced and acclaimed global authorities on the nutritional benefits of seaweeds. He has more than 25 years of experience in marine science. Stefan is a world recognized scientist and leader in the cultivation and harvesting of specific seaweeds around the world. 

​Born in the Netherlands, Stefan Kraan graduated with a MSc. degree in Marine Biology at the National University of Groningen. He moved to Ireland in 1996 to become a researcher at the Phycology department of the Martin Ryan Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Two years later, he started a PhD there on phylogenetic analysis

and aquaculture of edible seaweeds, completing this in 2001.


Irish Seaweed Industry Organization - Manager 1998

The organization operated as the connecting bridge between the seaweed industry and research centres in Ireland.


Irish Seaweed Centre – Manager 2001

The centre is dedicated to seaweed research and development. Dr. Kraan raised over €2m in research funding for applied research projects using seaweed.

Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd. – Co-founder 2005
A company that developed Oceanfeed
, a range of seaweed-based functional animal feed ingredients for the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

The International Seaweed Association (ISA) – President from 2006

The ISA is an international organisation dedicated to the encouragement of research and development of seaweed and seaweed products. One of its main activities is to organize a 3-yearly International Seaweed Symposium. The 23rd symposium during its history will take place in South-Korea in 2019. Stefan’s main fields of expertise are industrial applications of seaweeds/macroalgae and usage of seaweeds in animal feed, aquaculture, biotechnology and biomedicine, as well as cultivation of seaweeds and sustainable development of algal resources.

Aquaceuticals Ltd.– Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of a food and human health supplements & sports nutrition company  based on bioactive ingredients from macro algae.

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