“We believe that seaweed could become the next superfood due to its abundance in natural vitamins, minerals and plant based protein, seaweed speaks to the growing quest for naturally functional foods.


Aquaceuticals Vision 

Aquaceuticals Ltd is a unique seaweed science company leads by a team of professionals with over 35 years of experience and unequaled knowledge in the science, marketing and successful excecution of bringing unique seaweed concepts to market. The focus now for Aquaceuticals Ltd is the commercialization of our unique and specific seaweed ingredients and formulations for human health based on the bioactive ingredients that are present in different "macro algae" that can provide a natural, sustainable and cost effective alternative to the chemical and synthetic ingredients that dominate the human health and sports nutrition industry.

Omey Island Cleggan

Omey Island (Irish: Iomaidh) is a tidal island situated near Claddaghduff on the western edge of Connemara in County GalwayIreland. From the mainland the island is inconspicuous and almost hidden. One can reach the island at low tide as a large sand bar is exposed, however at high tide the island is only accessible by boat. It is surrounded by the crystal clear and unpolluted waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It harbours a high biodiversity of seaweeds and other marine life. The seaweeds can grow here without being disturbed until they are harvested by hand in a sustainable way. We have exclusive access through one of our suppliers who hand harvest the seaweeds we use in our products. Sustainable harvesting means that our seaweeds are collected in patches spread over a large area in order for the seaweeds to regenerate and flourish. Small areas are only harvested every 3 years in order to maintain sustainability and biodiversity.

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